Founder/President of Indieheaven, Keith Mohr and President of The Inner ViZion, Sue Mohr have over 30 years combined experience consulting in the arena of Music, Television and Creative Arts.

They are the owners of The Mohr Creative Group, a consulting firm that works with creatives to effectively expand their vision, the indie gurus at the Christian Musician Summits, the personalities behind the podcast, IndieMechanics, creators of a popular songwriter open-mic contest in Nashville, TN and pen articles for Christian Musician and CCM Magazine. With a he-said/she-said speaking style, together they are a passionate force in the world of creatives. Their all-encompassing vision is to help ministries discover not only who they are, but why they are.

Sue MohrMany describe Sue as the ‘where’s Waldo finder’. Her uber-creative mind, combined with honesty, integrity and attention to the details are what has made her a unique consultant. She works with individuals to find the holes in their plan, helps them to laser-focus and works within “their” box, but out of the box of the rest of the world.

Sue understands that building a ministry/business requires the ‘whole’ picture to be viewed and the key is realizing that each business has it’s own fingerprint. She has worked with myriad of individuals through a program entitled The Discovery Process in guiding them to create an 18-month implementable plan for their ministry/business.

Sue has led workshops through her curriculum, LEA, (Leadership, Evangelism and the Arts), along with leading over 11 youth-oriented mission trips through her mission organization, Pilgrims of Hope. She is the former manager/mother of the Disney band, Everlife, author of Breaking Through from The Inside Out and is a sought after speaker/teacher.

keith_mohrKeith’s passion lies in his mantra, “Let’s be Independent Together.”  Knowing that God did not create us to be alone and that successful ministries are comprised of people who live out these words in community. The power of ‘where two or more are gathered’ has been the basis of his mission.

Keith is the founder/President of Indieheaven, an online community and resource for Independent Christian Musicians. In place since 1997, Indieheaven was the trendsetter on the www for independent musicians. Keith has been a mentor to thousands of Christian musicians world-wide.

Being a producer and musician himself, Keith speaks the language that resonates with kingdom creatives. Touring the USA with the group “Harvest” provided hands on experience in teaching artists how to create and sustain a touring music ministry. Building community, one-on-one engagement and teaching how to network utilizing various digital platforms has been his forte. Keith created and facilitated the Christian Independent Artist Summit conferences which were held annually in Nashville, TN. Currently, Keith is the creator/director of Nashville Rising Song, a popular songwriter contest held in Nashville, TN and InspireSong, a songwriter retreat held in May 2019 in Aspen, CO.

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