Marketing Tip – Spruce Up The Online View

Your website gives your customers a bird’s-eye view into your business.

If you take a look at the outside of a home, it will give you a pretty good idea of what the inside looks like.  A lawn that is manicured, a wreath on the door and some flowers at the entrance, provides an immediate feeling that the person who lives inside cares about their home.  The same thing occurs with the view of your website.

Visit your own website frequently and check the following:

.  How quickly does your website load?

.  Is the content clear and concise?

.  Can your customers order with ease without going through a bunch of hoops?

.  Do all your links work?

.  Is it geared towards your core audience?

.  Are there spelling and grammatical errors?

.  Does your shopping cart work?

.  Can your customer contact you with questions?

.  Is your site responsive on mobile devices?


What do other people see when they come to your website?

Before a product is put out on the market, it is highly suggested to conduct a market study.  The same should apply to your website.  That is the online house where your product exists.  Hire a company like User Testing or Userlytics to test what people see when they come to your website.  There is a great ROI when it comes to having a fresh set of eyes.  When we are so close to a project, there are many things that we may overlook, even though we feel we have gone through it with a fine tooth comb.

Provide a way for your customer to leave comments.

Customer comments on your site are a great way to market your product.  Don’t delete the not-so-good comments, leave them all.  Do, though, comment under a less than stellar comment to let the customer (and the viewers) know that you will make right, what they deem is not-so-right.  The saying that there is ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ rings true.  With this being your online ‘home’ for your product and customers, you want to have a welcome and c’mon back policy. By having the ability to respond online this brings that human touch to your customers.

Videos and pictures get them in the door and make them stay and sit a while.

All of us love to be entertained.  Taking the time to demonstrate your product within a video, or showcasing your product with a clear inviting photography, brings a solid connection to your audience.  It is so much easier to connect with the visual.  All of our senses are affected when the visual is brought to the forefront.  There was a site that I visited today that understands this concept firsthand.  Every product has its own video.  I just have to link it here for you to see.  They understand what the customer needs to see so they can make an educated decision on their purchase.  The Grommet.

Take the time to finish what you started.

When I go to a website that has the phrase ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’, it makes me wonder what else is still unfinished in their company.  If you have an idea for a section for your website, but it isn’t completely complete, wait! You only get one chance to win that customer.  There are so many other places for them to go in the blink of an instant. You don’t want to boot them out the door before they have a chance to come inside.

Take the time to do some housecleaning on your website.   Make it more appealing to your current and future customers. Begin to think of it as your online marketing home.  A place where you invite people to come and prepare a table for them to dine.  A place where they feel welcome and want to visit time and time again.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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Marketing Tip – Great Content Gives You a Warm Feeling

Content Marketing.  People are now and always have been hungry for great information.  Pieces of knowledge that they can learn from, pass on and use as a basis for their own content.  

In this great age of digital media and communication, content is King!  — It is everywhere.  Pick a search engine, ask a question and woahla, you get not only one answer, but a myriad of answers.  A smorgasbord of information to feast upon.  Adding  a video or a great picture in the midst of the content will keep the interest piqued.  Remember, though, that the mind can only absorb what the butt can endure;) — Following the leading of Goldilocks, not too short, not too long, but just right.  I’ve found that no more than ten (10) paragraphs and no less than five (5) is a good guide.


Content will keep your customers engaged, especially if it reads like a fine conversation.  No one wants to be talked at, they want to converse with you.  Your content creates your voice.  It gives your demographic a way to learn from you and to hear your thoughts.  Once you win over a great customer, you will have their loyalty and a consumer for life.

Great content gives you a warm feeling.  It makes you want to come back and hear more.  Content that is 








will provide a cozy and engaging room for your customer to visit time and time again.  So do your homework.  

Here are some rules of thumb before you post:

.    Provide a way for your customer to sign up for your blog.   
.    Quote other individuals and then link their page. Always give credit where credit is due.
.    Set a schedule for your content and be consistent!
.    Check your facts.  Don’t pass on assumptions.
.    Make sure your content is viewable and responsive on mobile devices.
.    Relate to your audience with the dialogue.  Not over their head, not under their head. 
.    Check spelling and grammar.  If you want to cut once, you measure twice:) 

Remember, what you have to share is important to someone.  Just grab your pen and starting writing.  Don’t look for perfection, just share away.  Follow the above suggestions and you will be on your way to gathering an audience for your service/product.  Before you know it, your published thoughts will advance your bottom line in no time.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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Marketing Tip – The Priceless Data Base

Email marketing continues to be an extremely effective avenue in marketing your service/product.  Email is Not Dead.  It is a vital connection between you and your customer.  Your email data base is one of your most valuable tools.   The best data base is one that you have built slowly, but surely.   Your data base is priceless.  It contains the names and emails of true consumers who are interested in hearing from you.  They should have opted in to receive information from you.  Don’t just copy and paste emails into your list.  Ask for permission first.  Respect them.  Treat them with kid gloves!  If you water and care for your data base, it will not only grow, but will sprout new customers as people share your information with others.


Follow these important guidelines.

1.  Don’t abuse your list.  Send only information that is important, up to date and vital.

2.  Provide an option for a once a day or a once a week email.  With this in place, the recipient controls how much they want to hear from you.  They won’t feel that you are overloading them.  If they choose the once a day, be consistent.  If they choose the once a week, send one email at weeks end that provides links to view the entire week of information.  They can pick and choose.

3.  Ask your readers to forward your email.  Make it easy for them to do this.  Don’t expect them to copy and paste.  Provide them with the ease to share.

4.  Assure them that you will NOT pass their email information on to anyone.  Let them know that you value their communication and their time.

5.  Keep it simple.  You don’t need tons of photos or pop up boxes, to catch their attention.  Have an ‘aha’ title, one great pic, interesting, albeit short content and a concise way for them to engage.

With these steps in place, your audience will build deep and wide.  Strong and solid with few requests to unsubscribe. If they choose this option, though, make it easy for them to do so.  Send them a quick note that says, “I”m sorry you no longer want to receive emails, but we respect your decision and hope to see you again soon!”

A great litmus test for determining how to keep your list solid is for you to put yourself in their shoes.  Treat the individuals in your data base as you want to be treated.  Treat them as if they were priceless!

Creatively His, Sue:)

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Marketing Tip – The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule

Who is your audience? If you said ‘everyone’, then you need to stop, drop and reconsider.  When it comes to marketing, your audience needs to be laser defined.

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your promotion efforts need to be marketed to your core audience. Your core audience is essentially 80% of your total audience.    There will always be the 2 to 92 on the edges.  That is the other 20%.  That is where the other, generalized, part of your marketing can be featured. Your marketing efforts should parallel these guidelines.  For example…If your product is hip hop club music,  you wouldn’t market this to women over 60 whose interests include scrapbooking and quilting.  Yes, this is an extreme example, but I wanted to show you how silly it would be to market 80% of your efforts to the wrong audience.  The millenials may not purchase a tea set, but they will take a second look at a cool coffee tumbler that heats up with a usb outlet.

Laser-focus your audience.

.  Find out where they are.

.  Find out what they like.

.  What social media do they frequent?

.  What are they purchasing?

.  How are they purchasing?

.  What are their buying habits?

.  How do they correspond?  (text, email, phone, web, etc.)

Ask these and many more questions, before you put your marketing plan into action.  The more questions, the more answers as to how you can effectively market your product/service.  With this in place, you will begin to see better results within your target audience. Working smarter, instead of harder, with better results is the goal!




Creatively His, Sue:)

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Marketing Tip – The 90/10 Rule

The 90/10 Rule

You have a great service/product. You know that. You’ve worked your fingers to the bone. Tweaked it to perfection. It’s ready for public consumption. You put it out there. Then you wait. Nothing happens. Maybe it’s time to take out the magnifying glass and view what your marketing looks like from the eye of the consumer.

Follow the 90/10 rule. Your customer is more concerned about how your product/service benefits them, not necessarily how great the product is in itself. The 90/10 rule helps you in writing the content so as to feature the benefits for the consumer.

Your content should feature 10% about the product and 90% about how the life/business of the consumer can be changed by using it. Focus that 90% on the consumer.


Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

. Give relatable stories from previous customers.

. Provide bullet points of the advantages and how it can make their life/business stronger.

. Include an Infographic with great color to give that “worth a thousand words” visual image.

. Make a short 2 minute video which shows the before and after from using your product/service..

. Provide them with a questionnaire to fill out and then customize the answers with them in mind.

Get creative and remember, the sale is all about the customer benefitting from your product/service, not the other way around.

Creatively His, Sue;)


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Mohr Creative Group on Thumbtack

Mohr Creative Group has added their profile to “Thumbtack.”

Thumbtack helps you accomplish the personal projects that are central to your life. Whether you need to paint your home, learn a new language, or plan your daughter’s birthday party, Thumbtack is the easiest and most dependable way to hire the right professional for your projects.

Check it out and see what they have to offer!

Infographic Power

Infographics. Pictures truly are worth a 1,000 words. With todays ‘click and find’ media mentality, we need to grab our consumers attention before the ‘o’ in hello. Now that doesn’t mean all of our content needs to be minimal, it just needs to be informative, creative and keep their attention. That is what Infographics do! If you have created an infographic for your company, send us a link and we will include it on our FAVORITE INFOGRAPHIC page.

What is an Infographic?
Created by Customer Magnetism.

This message was brought to you by MOHR CREATIVE GROUP – Creating More Possiblities!

Grab a Genius!

You want to get discovered, so….Each and every day you click on and sort through buttloads of articles, information, ideas, savy blogs, photos with cool quotes on them, ultra cool tech options, another seminar to sign up for, one more downloadable white sheet, a conference that promises to make all the difference, a tweet, facebook stories by the quadrillions, a pinterest pic, culturally cool instagrams, linked in notifications, a google chat, skype messages, entertaining vines, educational TEDS and blah, blah, blah to the infinite power. (If you have a sadistic personality and that wasn’t enough, take a gander here.

The ‘all of it all’ is overwhelming. What do we choose? Do we do it all? Do we pick and choose? What do we pick and choose? What if we don’t choose the right thing? What if the right thing is the next thing and we miss it? Ughhhh. It can be maddening. We find ourselves praying for that 25th hour in the day. Just one more hour that our eyelids will stay open. Have you been there? Are you there?

It’s time to stop, drop and punt.


What ideas, social networks and education needs fit in your plan? When is the last time that you took a look at your plan? Do you even have a plan or are you just running after the next thing that captures your divided attention? The hamster has that action down pat. That wheel keeps going and going and going to nowhere. It’s time to get off that hamster wheel and get down to real business.

Create a plan

With your brain already in overdrive, it would be wise to grab another set of eyes. A management consultant, life coach or business organizer. Someone that can help you sort through the chaos that you’ve innocently, but undeniably created for yourself. It’s time to pinpoint your niche. Laser focusing what it exactly is that you do. If you don’t even know what that is, your potential clients/customers will know that you don’t know. No sale happening there. If you are having a V-8 moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. All of us get caught up in the web. It entangles us and keeps us unorganized in our thoughts and our actions. It’s time to take control and begin to work smarter, instead of harder.


Years ago someone sat me down and commented on my uber-creativity. In the same breath, they commented on the fact that they could see my brain moving from the inside out, non-stop. They warned me that burnout was just around the corner. I needed to learn how to harness that power. Let it work for me, not against me. It can be a monster that seemingly takes over and before you know it, you are bright eyed (from all the coffee) and bushy-tailed (cuz you have no time to buy new razors). I put in practice the wisdom of KISS. Learning how to Keep It Simply Simple. Organization holds power, that’s the first step. Planning is key. This process is never-ending. That is important to know and realize. Dust bunnies procreate when we don’t clean.  And yes, I grabbed a Genius.  I have my own mentor/business coach in hand as I continue to create and work through my plan.

So What’s Next?!?

Discover yourself. Find out the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’s of your business. Keep breaking it down. Focus in on the tiniest version. Cut away (store away for later in the process) all of the stuff that is not vital to the Why. Then begin the plan. Eighteen months is a great magic number. It has been stated that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. (I tend to think that it’s much longer, especially if you are comfortable sitting in them.) So with that being said, the first order of business may challenge the sound barrier with all the breaking going on. That’s ok, we are all in the same place. It’s a continual process.

Grab a Genius

Three reasons that it is time to grab a genius.

You are sick and tired of not being effective in your business.
You find that you are always searching for answers, but never finding them.
You want to eliminate the bad smells associated with your current unplan and need help sorting through all the muck. If any of the above describe you, it’s time.

Disclaimer: If one of your favorite past times is watching paint dry, this process is not for you. Action is needed. You will need to spend some of your greens to make it happen. But you will never be sorry. That feeling that you will get when you can see through the fog and view that clear path to walk on is priceless.

Here’s to You discovering You!

Creatively His,

Keith Mohr and Sue L. Mohr

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The importance of the ‘dot’ in digital marketing.

PINTEREST 06232014Twitter is a great marketing tool. Utilizing it effectively makes it greater.

The Dot Trick

There are some tricks that are not apparent at first view. Such is the case with the ‘dot’ or character before the @ in your replies. Without it, your Tweets will NOT show up to ALL of your followers, UNLESS they happen to follow both you and the person you are replying to.

The Dot Usage

The use of the ‘dot’ in your mention and replies should only be used when the information you are providing is essential to all of your followers. This should not be overused. If you are posting a response or mention that only has to do with the individual you are writing to, don’t use it, as everyone will be included in your conversation. Think of this as the difference in Reply To or a Reply To All

Creating More Possibilities
Keith and Sue Mohr

Business Card Marketing Proposal

Screenshot 2014-06-20 16.31.30 2We are currently in the process of developing new business cards to hand out at the various conferences, songwriting events and music seminars that we are speaking at this summer.

As always, I have the musicianaries/ministries that we work with at the forefront of our minds. On the back of our business cards are 10 slots for 10 business/ministries/artists. For $25, you can have your name/website on the back of our card. With the words, “The above businesses/ministries have a ‘thumbs up’ from Mohr Creative Group, please take a moment to view their services.” Click here for an example.

We have limited space. Each spot will be good for 250 cards. These cards are handed out to industry individuals, film, theatre, management, churches, artists, musicians, authors, ministries, etc. A great marketing tool for you. We will do 10 sets of cards this summer. If you want to have your name and your website on one of these cards, please click on the following to send payment. Please scroll to the bottom if you don’t have a Paypal account and hit ‘don’t have a Paypal account’ to pay with credit/debit card. Include the name/website that you want to have featured in this section in the message section of your payment.

We will be processing the first card this week. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Click here to secure your spot TODAY!

Creatively His, Sue:)

Sue Mohr