The 90/10 Rule

You have a great service/product. You know that. You’ve worked your fingers to the bone. Tweaked it to perfection. It’s ready for public consumption. You put it out there. Then you wait. Nothing happens. Maybe it’s time to take out the magnifying glass and view what your marketing looks like from the eye of the consumer.

Follow the 90/10 rule. Your customer is more concerned about how your product/service benefits them, not necessarily how great the product is in itself. The 90/10 rule helps you in writing the content so as to feature the benefits for the consumer.

Your content should feature 10% about the product and 90% about how the life/business of the consumer can be changed by using it. Focus that 90% on the consumer.


Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

. Give relatable stories from previous customers.

. Provide bullet points of the advantages and how it can make their life/business stronger.

. Include an Infographic with great color to give that “worth a thousand words” visual image.

. Make a short 2 minute video which shows the before and after from using your product/service..

. Provide them with a questionnaire to fill out and then customize the answers with them in mind.

Get creative and remember, the sale is all about the customer benefitting from your product/service, not the other way around.

Creatively His, Sue;)


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