Email marketing continues to be an extremely effective avenue in marketing your service/product.  Email is Not Dead.  It is a vital connection between you and your customer.  Your email data base is one of your most valuable tools.   The best data base is one that you have built slowly, but surely.   Your data base is priceless.  It contains the names and emails of true consumers who are interested in hearing from you.  They should have opted in to receive information from you.  Don’t just copy and paste emails into your list.  Ask for permission first.  Respect them.  Treat them with kid gloves!  If you water and care for your data base, it will not only grow, but will sprout new customers as people share your information with others.


Follow these important guidelines.

1.  Don’t abuse your list.  Send only information that is important, up to date and vital.

2.  Provide an option for a once a day or a once a week email.  With this in place, the recipient controls how much they want to hear from you.  They won’t feel that you are overloading them.  If they choose the once a day, be consistent.  If they choose the once a week, send one email at weeks end that provides links to view the entire week of information.  They can pick and choose.

3.  Ask your readers to forward your email.  Make it easy for them to do this.  Don’t expect them to copy and paste.  Provide them with the ease to share.

4.  Assure them that you will NOT pass their email information on to anyone.  Let them know that you value their communication and their time.

5.  Keep it simple.  You don’t need tons of photos or pop up boxes, to catch their attention.  Have an ‘aha’ title, one great pic, interesting, albeit short content and a concise way for them to engage.

With these steps in place, your audience will build deep and wide.  Strong and solid with few requests to unsubscribe. If they choose this option, though, make it easy for them to do so.  Send them a quick note that says, “I”m sorry you no longer want to receive emails, but we respect your decision and hope to see you again soon!”

A great litmus test for determining how to keep your list solid is for you to put yourself in their shoes.  Treat the individuals in your data base as you want to be treated.  Treat them as if they were priceless!

Creatively His, Sue:)

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