Your website gives your customers a bird’s-eye view into your business.

If you take a look at the outside of a home, it will give you a pretty good idea of what the inside looks like.  A lawn that is manicured, a wreath on the door and some flowers at the entrance, provides an immediate feeling that the person who lives inside cares about their home.  The same thing occurs with the view of your website.

Visit your own website frequently and check the following:

.  How quickly does your website load?

.  Is the content clear and concise?

.  Can your customers order with ease without going through a bunch of hoops?

.  Do all your links work?

.  Is it geared towards your core audience?

.  Are there spelling and grammatical errors?

.  Does your shopping cart work?

.  Can your customer contact you with questions?

.  Is your site responsive on mobile devices?


What do other people see when they come to your website?

Before a product is put out on the market, it is highly suggested to conduct a market study.  The same should apply to your website.  That is the online house where your product exists.  Hire a company like User Testing or Userlytics to test what people see when they come to your website.  There is a great ROI when it comes to having a fresh set of eyes.  When we are so close to a project, there are many things that we may overlook, even though we feel we have gone through it with a fine tooth comb.

Provide a way for your customer to leave comments.

Customer comments on your site are a great way to market your product.  Don’t delete the not-so-good comments, leave them all.  Do, though, comment under a less than stellar comment to let the customer (and the viewers) know that you will make right, what they deem is not-so-right.  The saying that there is ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ rings true.  With this being your online ‘home’ for your product and customers, you want to have a welcome and c’mon back policy. By having the ability to respond online this brings that human touch to your customers.

Videos and pictures get them in the door and make them stay and sit a while.

All of us love to be entertained.  Taking the time to demonstrate your product within a video, or showcasing your product with a clear inviting photography, brings a solid connection to your audience.  It is so much easier to connect with the visual.  All of our senses are affected when the visual is brought to the forefront.  There was a site that I visited today that understands this concept firsthand.  Every product has its own video.  I just have to link it here for you to see.  They understand what the customer needs to see so they can make an educated decision on their purchase.  The Grommet.

Take the time to finish what you started.

When I go to a website that has the phrase ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’, it makes me wonder what else is still unfinished in their company.  If you have an idea for a section for your website, but it isn’t completely complete, wait! You only get one chance to win that customer.  There are so many other places for them to go in the blink of an instant. You don’t want to boot them out the door before they have a chance to come inside.

Take the time to do some housecleaning on your website.   Make it more appealing to your current and future customers. Begin to think of it as your online marketing home.  A place where you invite people to come and prepare a table for them to dine.  A place where they feel welcome and want to visit time and time again.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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