The first step in creating a plan is discovering the who, what, where, when, why and how’s of your business.   The Discovery Process guides you in defining each of the above and builds upon them, providing a solid foundation to build on.  It is fingerprinted just for you. With ideas that are out of the box of the rest of the world, but in the comfort of your own box. This process has been used by businesses around the world to create an implementable 18-month plan for the business owner to follow. Each business is unique. So each plan needs to be unique. Customized and focused.  Providing a way to give your customer that ‘aha’ moment.

The Discovery Process will:

.  Define your WHY .  

.  Laser Focus your WHAT

.  Target the WHO

.  Give directions to the WHERE

.  Build a calendar for the WHEN

.  Create unique vision for the HOW

We are so confident that this process will work for you, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  This is unheard of in the world of consulting.  We just know that your business will grow exponentially if you implement the plan that we will help to create for you.   guarantee-smaller

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“I highly recommend Sue’s work for those who are in need of great creative ideas for their business/band/artist. Sue has used her experience and abilities to help us unlock the creative talents within, formulate a plan, and kept us focused to accomplish it! Great woman with an arsenal of ideas!”
Joe Bucciero, SEISMIC Music Group

“The first time I sat down with Sue Mohr for a professional consultation via her business “the inner vizion” I had no idea what I was in for! I was so overwhelmed with the process of starting a new business and she knew just how to help me practically and creatively execute my dream into a reality. Her professionalism and expertise exceeded my expectations. Her creativity in action immediately fueled my passions! Because of her professional genius, I started my blog a year ago and have methodically and progressively begun the building of my dream career as an integrative wellness coach. Anyone with a dream needing help executing a plan would benefit from Sue’s creative genius!”
Shelli Tripp, BLOOM

“I attended Keith and Sue’s Indie artist workshop at CMS Northwest.  At that time I had only written a few songs, and I had not yet performed a live show. Sue and Keith’s classes were packed with very insightful and helpful information. Their personalities and passion were incredibly inspiring. They gave me the motivation, and confidence I needed to take the next steps in my music career. One year since meeting Sue and Keith, I have performed an average of 2-3 shows per month, I have written many, many more songs, shot a music video and I am in the process of recording my debut album. I will be forever grateful for what Sue and Keith gave me in the beginning. They are wonderful people doing a truly wonderful thing! “
Cami Lundeen 

“Sue sat with me and showed me how a foundation could be laid out in a way that was really profound. There is a testimony that my husband and I have been living for the past 11 years which can now be brought forth in this incredible, but simple plan that amazingly will weave the two together. Watching Sue type fervently on her laptop and listening to her describe how this would work made me see such a simple circular plan of creating the testimonial to not only be a source of hope and inspiration to others but then to be my future source of income to tap resources from in continuing to fund the music ministry. I thought it was ingenuous! And it is such a unique fit to me only. It has so many directions it could go once it gets off the ground and it will be beautiful to watch where God takes it.”

“Having you both in to assist our creative team was instrumental in developing our brand and image.  Your creative imagery and ideas added to the plan that we already had in place.  You both brought energy to our team and pointed out things that we didn’t even realize were possible.  Thanks for your valuable insight.”
Timothy and Judy Zaunbrecher, AMBER FALLS WINERY

“Sue and Keith have helped me tremendously. I was in need of a plan and some focus with my music ministry and when Sue and I began consulting, I could tell right away I had found the right person to guide me. Our consulting sessions have been thought provoking and stretching. I know I am beginning to make great strides because of the accountability I have established with Sue. I recommend anyone looking to express their vision from within contact Sue.”

“Keith and Sue have been both friends and consultants for me in my journey as a Christian artist and “musicianary”. While I often think mechanically about what I’m doing, they brought a fresh perspective that shakes up the way I do things. Most notably was moving from the uncomfortable feeling (at least for me) of having a “Merchandise Table” to understanding what I do as “portable Ministry” or a Ministry Resource table. In one of our consultations, Sue shared with me the idea of how we might work on a way to pay forward the blessing and the message. In that interest, we put together a plan to put together a three pack of music (all three are the same CD) and then partner with those who want to take up the offer. For a reduced price, they get three of the same CD, one for them, one for a friend and one… for someone they DON’T know today. It is an investment they can make to pay forward the blessing in their own lives… in their own ministries  Invaluable!”
Mike Westendorf, AWAKE AND ALIVE

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