Content Marketing.  People are now and always have been hungry for great information.  Pieces of knowledge that they can learn from, pass on and use as a basis for their own content.  

In this great age of digital media and communication, content is King!  — It is everywhere.  Pick a search engine, ask a question and woahla, you get not only one answer, but a myriad of answers.  A smorgasbord of information to feast upon.  Adding  a video or a great picture in the midst of the content will keep the interest piqued.  Remember, though, that the mind can only absorb what the butt can endure;) — Following the leading of Goldilocks, not too short, not too long, but just right.  I’ve found that no more than ten (10) paragraphs and no less than five (5) is a good guide.


Content will keep your customers engaged, especially if it reads like a fine conversation.  No one wants to be talked at, they want to converse with you.  Your content creates your voice.  It gives your demographic a way to learn from you and to hear your thoughts.  Once you win over a great customer, you will have their loyalty and a consumer for life.

Great content gives you a warm feeling.  It makes you want to come back and hear more.  Content that is 








will provide a cozy and engaging room for your customer to visit time and time again.  So do your homework.  

Here are some rules of thumb before you post:

.    Provide a way for your customer to sign up for your blog.   
.    Quote other individuals and then link their page. Always give credit where credit is due.
.    Set a schedule for your content and be consistent!
.    Check your facts.  Don’t pass on assumptions.
.    Make sure your content is viewable and responsive on mobile devices.
.    Relate to your audience with the dialogue.  Not over their head, not under their head. 
.    Check spelling and grammar.  If you want to cut once, you measure twice:) 

Remember, what you have to share is important to someone.  Just grab your pen and starting writing.  Don’t look for perfection, just share away.  Follow the above suggestions and you will be on your way to gathering an audience for your service/product.  Before you know it, your published thoughts will advance your bottom line in no time.

Creatively His, Sue;)

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