Thank you Keith and to your wife Sue to for the great classes you both put on at the CMS. As a singer/songwriter, you both open my eyes to more avenues
to pursue. even before leaving the last day my mind kept processing more and more of what you brought to the table. You both are an encouragement and a inspiration. I hope in the near future to contact you both for additional help.
Blessing to you both!

Your classes were apart of my highlights of CMS. Your heart for the Lord with practical applications to the business and music was amazing. I learned so much. I for sure want to hire you. I have the money I just don’t know if I am ready for you yet. Meaning, if I have enough material or the proper production. Rheannon has sent you a video of her original and me freestyle rapping to it. Please check it out its magic. Also I can send you some of my music and see what you think. If I’m at the right spot to hire you. God bless you and your service. Your awesome. Jeramie.